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What to know about English Conversation School

Posted by Brandon Graham on

How to choose an English conversation school

What do you think is important in choosing an English conversation school? First of all, it is to choose a small English conversation school. Of course, the school with many people is not bad. However, the more studies you learn at school, the closer you are to the learning you learned at junior high school. I will move away from raw English. Then, I think that it is meaningless to go to an English conversation school. Small numbers are the best to be able to touch live English as much as possible. And although 1 to 1 is nice, I think that it is the best number of students to have 2 or 3 students.

That is because you can listen to the pronunciation of foreigners who will become teachers, as well as the pronunciation of Japanese who become students. Of course, there are some good poor pronunciation by that person.

However, we have something in common that the language we usually talk about is Japanese. Even if you are speaking English in English conversation, something that will leave Japanese remnants will come out somewhat. If you have Japanese students, you can also listen to those Japanese habits of pronunciation.

And, the important thing in choosing is whether you fit me or not. You can go to various English conversation schools and choose the best school.

Failure at an English conversation school

Of course, English as I learn at school is not bad. Japanese English to firmly study grammar. This seems to be somewhat seemingly old-fashioned from the real people. However, there seems to be admiration for Japanese English who use beautiful grammar. So, you also need English to study at school.

However, I think that English language skills, like studying at an English conversation school, are important for English conversation. Raw English ability is to talk with each other in English at an English conversation school. As it is a school, no matter how much we fail it is okay.

  • Everyone who learn is a student.
  • Everyone taught me to learn.
  • Everyone has the possibility of failing.

And it is not ashamed to fail. The most embarrassing thing is to fear failure and not talk to anything. It is natural to fail at school Japanese is a matter of course as it is natural to fail by mistaking expressions. It will fail as long as it does not normally use language because it will fail as usual even in the language used in everyday conversation.

So, that is not a bad thing. I also learn from failure. Let’s not be afraid of failure.